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General Practice (E-Learning)
This course explores management of cardiovascular disease in general practice. The session focuses on management of hypertension and heart failure,...
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This course will develop your skills in assessing patients with a variety of presenting complaints and develop competence to undertake assessment a...
26 Lectures
24 Hours
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Advance Practice
This is a practical classroom session focussing on clinical examination skills. Includes auscultation of the chest and abdomen, examination of the ...
9 Lectures
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LIVE ZOOM SESSION DATE: 9 October 2020 ​TIME: 09H00 - 13H00 LECTURER: Kirsty Armstrong
5 Lectures
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Mandatory Training for Healthcare Workers

We have compiled the mandatory training module to meet the yearly requirements for healthcare professionals working in primary care and general practice. Sessions can be accessed as a bundle or as individual sessions. The mandatory training for health and social care workers modules are guided by the following: Standards set by the Health and Care […]

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Exogenous steroid and adrenal suppression

EXOGENOUS STEROID AND ADRENAL SUPPRESSION REFERENCE TO NATIONAL PATIENT SAFETY ALERT (AUG 2020) To understand impact of exogenous steroid on hormones excreted by adrenal glands let’s briefly look at adrenal glands: Adrenal glands are small triangular shaped glands located on top of both kidneys. These glands are a part of endocrine system. Cortex of adrenal […]

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Collaborating with the Royal Society of Medicine

Belmatt Healthcare Training has been delivering the Mandatory Training course to GP and nurses who book via the Royal society of Medicine, General Practice Section for the past 4 years. The practical face to face sessions are usually over subscribed and very popular. The recent pandemic has meant converting our courses to e-learning units. We […]

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