Our Mission

To develop the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals  through the design and delivery of high quality educational courses and services that reflect current medical science and  contributing to the improvement of primary care services and postgraduate training.

Valuing Quality

We value our customers and we are committed to providing a superior service by ensuring our lecturers are of the highest calibre. They are specialists in their fields with experience in academic and clinical positions. We also strive to respond to  requests for services in a timely, appropriate, and customer-focused manner

Valuing Diversity

Valuing Feedback

We value the  opinions and feedback from our delegates, commissioners and stakeholders.  We aim to work with you to share our successes and create new visions and strategy. Our delegates form an essential part of our vision and we will always strive to treat each other with dignity, trust, respect, and equality. We support open communication, involvement, empowerment, and recognition of excellence. We therefore take all evaluations seriously and we meet regularly to reflect on these to develop robust teaching courses that acknowledges feedback from our delegates.

Email: jeshni@belmatt.co.uk

We recognise that healthcare is evolving and embracing expanding roles amongst clinicians and service users.  We embrace a diverse group of delegates to include doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, physiotherapists and all allied health professionals. We recognise the importance of inter  - professional working and our courses incorporate problem based learning and case studies to cultivate our differences and similarities as healthcare professionals contributing to an atmosphere of acceptance and respect of the role we each play in enhancing patient safety in the community.

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