Meet The Team

Staffan Almér

Finance and Operations Manager

Course Director

Events Manager


General Practitioner, Birmingham

A&E Consultant, London

Orthopaedics and Sports Injuries

Dr Hayley Jenkins

GP with specialist interest in Womens Health

Kirsty Armstrong

Senior Lecturer/ Advanced Nurse Practitioner Primary Care

Aneela Tehseen

Pharmacist, Prescribing Programme Director

Filipa Goncalves

Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Cardiology Consultant

Michael Canete

Senior Lecturer, ITU

Dr Shubs Uphadhyay

General Practitioner

Dr José Crespo

Urgent Care GP

Dr Ahmed Kazmi

Dermatologist and General Practitioner

Dr Charles Stewart

Paediatric Consultant


Olayinka Maiyegun

Mentorship Programme Lead 

International Training Course Director

Ioulia Mariaki

Senior Respiratory  Specialist Nurse Practitioner and ARTP Accreditted Spirometry Trainer

Maggie Dixon

Senior Lecturer

Diabetes Nurse Specialist

Nadia Dallsingh

Cardiology Nurse Specialist

Aneela Tehseen

Pharmacist, Manchester

Dr Matthew Szarko

Minor Injuries

Neil Humber