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Adult Mental Health Awareness Training for AHP’s and HCSWs AMH 2023

Course Summary

One in 4 adults experiences a mental health condition in any given year, and mental health conditions are the largest single cause of disability in the UK. Allied Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Support workers are well placed to deliver care to  people with mental illness, learning disabilities and autism. However, they do require support to provide creative and diverse approaches and require particular skills when working with people experiencing mental illness and learning disabilities.


This course bundle aims to develop expertise in those working with people with learning disabilities and mental health conditions to support the workforce across health and social care.


  • Develop an understanding of common mental health problems that present in primary care.
  • Identify treatment strategies suitable for individual patients
  • Explore current evidence and treatment
  • Understand the importance of using varying strategies according to care plan agreed for patients/clients to improve.
  • Enable AHP’s and HCSWs to work within their competencies and skills whilst contributing to the multidisciplinary team.
  • Develop roles and skills to improve and enhance service user experiences of mental health services while supporting the MDT in decisions regarding care, treatment and discharge.
  • Support person-centered approaches in caring for mental health conditions.

What’s Included:

  •  Presentations
  • MCQs.
  • Recorded webinars

Who Can Attend?

This training package can be accessed by all healthcare workers working with adult patients who have a mental health disorder

***This course includes the following modules:


These are audio recorded presentations by lecturers with expert knowledge in the field. Please ensure you click COMPLETE after each section before proceeding to the next module.

Module 1                 Mental Health Awareness – Dr Balu Pitchiah, consultant psychiatrist

 Module 2                Mental Capacity Act –Jeshni Amblum-Almer , ANP Lecturer


These are PowerPoint presentations that you read through then complete the MCQ at the end of each presentation before proceeding to the next section.

Module 4               Impact of trauma and adversity on development

Module 5               Autism

Module 6.            Learning Disabilities and Managing Challenging Behaviour

Module 7.           Rapid Tranquillisation and Mental Health

Module 6            Maintaining Health Boundaries

Module 8          Understanding Eating Disorders

Module 9          Working with those who self-harm

Module 10        Observations in Mental Health

Once you have completed all sections, please click the green COMPLETE button and ensure you have ticked all sections.


Each section has 3 multichoice questions to be completed before proceeding to the next module. You can have numerous attempts to complete the MCQ.


You will receive a certificate on completion of all the modules. This can be downloaded. If you have any problems downloading the certificate, please email [email protected]

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Enrolled: 358 students
Duration: 10hrs
Lectures: 24
Video: 9
Level: Intermediate