Anaphylaxis Mandatory Training

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Anaphylaxis appears to be increasingly common and has been strongly associated with the increasing prevalence of allergic disease over the last two or three decades.

The treatment of anaphylaxis needs a consistent approach which draws together relevant and appropriate expertise as provided by the Resuscitation Council (UK) and NICE clinical Guideline 134 recommendations.


This practical presentation will update participants’ knowledge of how to identify and manage anaphylaxis


To have an awareness of current resuscitation guidelines on the management of anaphylaxis

Develop skills in early recognition and diagnosis of anaphylaxis. T

Develop a structured approach in the immediate emergency treatment of anaphylaxis.


What is anaphylaxis

Common causes and how to identify early symptoms

Use of epipen (video)

Post treatment considerations.

Who should attend?

All staff who have face to face contact with clients and patient’s and are involved with high risk activities. This particularly involves those who carry out clinical procedures such as vaccination, steroid injections, acupuncture and local anesthesia. It does not need to be carried by those practitioners who are not involved in any of these clinical activities.

Lecturer : Jeshni Amblum-Almér, ANP and Course Director

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Mandatory Training

*This course can be accessed as a stand alone module or part of the Mandatory Training self paced online learning package.




Anaphylaxis Booklet
Anaphylaxis Multimedia Presentation
Emergency Treatment for Anaphylactic Reactions
Anaphylaxis MCQ
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Anaphylaxis Mandatory Training
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