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Assisting with Minor Surgical and Invasive Procedures for HCA’s

Venue: Wembley, London Date: 19th August 2024 Time: 9:00-12:00 Price: 125+VAT (£150 including VAT) Course Summary: This course is for Healthcare Assistants to prepare them assistant with minor surgical  and /or invasive medical procedures Who should attend? This ½ day workshop is aimed specifically at Healthcare Assistants new to Primary Care or Urgent Care The course can be delivered in house as a standalone ½ day or as a 1 –day workshop designed with elements added  to suit your needs Pre- Requisites

  • Working in general practice or urgent care settings
  • Have an identified mentor/supervisor in clinical area to sign off competencies

Aims The overall aim of this course is to develop your knowledge and skills to assist  with minor surgical or invasive medical procedures Objectives

  • Understand roles & legal responsibilities when assistingregistered health care practitioners with minor procedures
  • Develop awareness of some of the legal, ethical and professional issues relating to chaperones and one’s ownrole and responsibilities  when undertaking chaperoning including  principles of consent,  how to raise concerns and record keeping
  • Develop knowledge of relevant infection control proceduresincluding hand washing and ANTT

Course content

  • Obtaining consent
  • Chaperone role, including when and why this may be needed
  • Record keeping
  • Overview of collection, handling and storage of specimens
  • Infection prevention andcontrol
  • Dealing with body fluid spillages and sharps injuries
  • Waste management including segregation and disposal of waste materials
  • Key principles of ANTT including key parts and key sites.

What’s included?

  • 4 hour face to face interactive learning
  • A competency assessment book for completion in your own clinical area can be provided.

Lecturer     Recommended Courses HCA in General Practice Course Injectables and Immunisations for HCA’s

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Venue: Wembley, London

Date: 19th August 2024

Time: 9:00-12:00

Price: 125+VAT (£150 including VAT)