Blood Results Interpretation 7 December 2021

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CPD Hours: 6

Who Should Attend: Healthcare professionals working in general practice and community settings.

Pre Requisites: You should have a basic understanding of terminology. It is recommended you attend the introduction to blood results course or have a basic understanding of blood results prior to this session.


This masterclass aims to prepare clinicians working in primary care and general practice to interpret and review blood results


  • Understand the basic concepts and terminology for blood tests.

  • Use a case study approach to interpret blood tests

  • Recognise abnormal kidney function results and how to

    adjust medication within the context of individual patients.

  • Develop skills in understanding bloods that require urgent attention: such as : high potassium, low platelets, raised WCC, low sodium and raised inflammatory markers.

  • Identify iron deficiency and treatment regimes

  • Interpretation of bloods for patients on DMARDS and amber level drugs.

  • Consider treatment options and current guidelines for treatment of abnormal TFT, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12.

  • Recognise limitations of practice and when to refer.


    09h00 Introduction to bloods in general practice. Basic terminology

    10h00 Interpreting FBCs and haemanitic screen

    11h00 Abnormal liver and kidney functions

    12h00 Lunch

    12h30 Recognising and treating ‘danger’ bloods. DMARD’s and High risk drugs.

    14h00 Interpreting PSA, TFT, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. Treatment regimes, when to refer.

    15h00 Evaluations and session close


Accreditation : CPDUK 

Lecturer: Dr Parmy Deol, A&E consultant


Blood Results Interpretation Booklet


Blood results Handouts
Normal Levels
Basic Blood Tests
The Full Blood Count
General Practice Bloods
Blood results Handouts LFT

Evaluation form

Date: 21 May 2021Time: 13h00-18h00CPD Hours: 6Lecturer: Dr Sanjeev Kalia - GPLecturer Type: zoomThe next scheduled course is 24 September 2021
Blood Results Interpretation 7 December 2021
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