Coding for General Practice

Course Overview:

In this intensive 3-hour webinar, attendees will be introduced to the foundational concepts of medical coding tailored specifically for general practice. The session will explore the main coding systems – ICD, CPT, and SNOMED CT – with a focus on their practical application within a primary care setting. Emphasizing hands-on learning, participants will engage with real-life case studies and interactive segments, gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The course will culminate with an exploration of ethical considerations in coding and documentation, ensuring professionals adhere to best practices and maintain patient confidentiality.


  1. To provide participants with a robust understanding of the main coding systems relevant to general practice and ensure attendees can effectively apply coding principles in real-world scenarios, fostering accuracy and efficiency in clinical documentation.


By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Distinguish between the primary coding systems (ICD, CPT, and SNOMED CT) and explain their relevance to general practice.
  2. Apply appropriate codes to a range of medical conditions and procedures commonly encountered in primary care, utilizing the principles of the coding systems introduced.
  3. Navigate coding manuals and digital resources with confidence, ensuring the most up-to-date and accurate codes are used.
  4. Identify common pitfalls and errors in medical coding, and apply strategies to avoid them in their practice.
  5. Adhere to ethical guidelines concerning patient data, ensuring that all coding practices respect patient confidentiality and are conducted with integrity.

Course Content

13h00 Welcome and Overview of the Webinar

Relevance of Medical Coding in General Practice

13h10 Foundations of Medical Coding

 Understanding Medical Coding and its Importance

Quick Overview of Primary Coding Systems: ICD, CPT, and SNOMED CT

Gauge participants’ current understanding and usage of different coding systems

13h30 ICD Basics for General Practice

  • Delving into ICD: Structure and Format
  • Practical Tips for Navigating the ICD Manual Case Study: Coding a Typical General Practice Patient Encounter using ICD

13h50 Break (10 minutes)

14h00 CPT Essentials for Procedures

  • Demystifying CPT Codes
  • Assigning CPT Codes: Best Practices for Common Procedures
  • Quickfire Round: Matching Procedures with CPT Codes (Interactive)

14h30 Embracing SNOMED CT

  • Why SNOMED CT Matters in Primary Care
  • Practical Application: Utilizing SNOMED CT for Effective Clinical Documentation

14h50 Interactive Q&A Session  

15h20 Ethical Coding and Documentation

  • The Imperative of Accurate Documentation
  • Addressing Common Coding Mistakes
  • Ethical Considerations and Patient Confidentiality

15h45 Closing Remarks and Resources

  • Emphasising the importance of continuous learning
  • Providing access to resources, online tools, and further reading

Lecturer : Dr Jay Verma, General Practitioner


This is a live webinar delivered via zoom

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