Ear Care Workshop 12 October 2021

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Date : September 2021 Register your interest

Time : 10h00 – 16h00

CPD Hours : 6

Who can attend

Nurse Practitioners ,Pharmacists, HCAs, Occupational Health Nurses, District Nurses and Practice Nurses. General Nurses

Pre Requisites

  • Work in a healthcare setting with appropriate supervision and support to undertake ear care.
  • Have an identified mentor/supervisor to supervise completion of the  competency document after the course.

***This course does not cover Micro Suction.


This course aims to develop your knowledge and skills  to safely assess the need to perform ear irrigation using ear irrigation devices in a variety of settings such as general practice, the community and pharmacy settings.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the anatomy and physiology of the ear and identify common minor ailments.
  • Understand the importance of consent and capacity and the importance of data protection.
  • Understand consent and capacity and the relevance to ear care
  • Take an appropriate clinical history and correctly use an otoscope to examine the ear.
  • Be aware of clinical evidence and current guidelines.
  • Develop practical skills in ear irrigation, how to use and clean propulse machine.
  • Document and refer appropriately as needed.
  • Describe and understand how to correctly irrigate an ear for cerumen impaction and be aware of the complications

Lecturer: Kirsty Armstrong




Ear Wax – an LMC Guide
Undertaking ear assessment and irrigation
Ear Care Scenarios
Ear Care Update Quiz
Ear Diagram
Ear Examination and Irrigation Competency Assessment
Ear Irrigation

Ear Irrigation Booklet

Ear Irrigation Booklet

Reading and References

Ear Assessment Article
Reading and References

Ear Irrigation Competency Document

Ear Competency

Evaluation Ear Care Update

Evaluation Ear Care Update

This practical session will be in Battersea London

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