Engaging Teams in CQC Self Assessment and Quality Improvement

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide healthcare professionals and general practice teams with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the new CQC statements and assessment framework for local self-assessment. Led by experienced facilitators, this course aims to make the CQC assessment process less daunting and engage teams in quality improvement initiatives. Participants will learn strategies for developing team-focused visual dashboards, accessing and interpreting data, creating clear improvement/action plans, and sharing good practices to focus improvement efforts across the hospital.

Course Objectives: By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the purpose and components of the new CQC statements and assessment framework for local self-assessment.
  2. Overcome staff apprehension and create a positive culture by effectively communicating the objectives and benefits of the CQC assessment process.
  3. Develop team-focused visual dashboards that display relevant data in an accessible and engaging manner.
  4. Interpret data from visual dashboards to identify areas for improvement and prioritize quality improvement efforts.
  5. Create clear improvement/action plans that align with identified areas for improvement, incorporating evidence-based strategies.
  6. Foster a culture of sharing good practice by effectively communicating success stories and lessons learned across the hospital.
  7. Implement strategies to engage and motivate teams in quality improvement efforts throughout the self-assessment process.
  8. Utilise tools and techniques for effective data collection, analysis, and presentation to support decision-making and improvement efforts.
  9. Collaborate with stakeholders, including senior leaders and frontline staff, to gain buy-in and support for quality improvement initiatives.
  10. Sustain improvement efforts by monitoring progress, evaluating outcomes, and adapting strategies as necessary.

Course Format:

The course will consist of a combination of interactive discussion during the live webinar, case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises. 

Target Audience: This course is suitable for healthcare professionals and staff involved in quality improvement and CQC self-assessment, including quality managers, clinical leads, senior nurses, and other staff responsible for engaging teams in quality improvement initiatives. The course is applicable to healthcare settings, including general practice and primary care

Course Duration: 3 hours

Course Outline:

Introduction to CQC Self-Assessment and Quality Improvement

  •   Overview of the CQC statements and new assessment framework
  •  Importance of engaging teams in the self-assessment process
  • Addressing staff apprehension and creating a positive culture

Developing Team-Focused Visual Dashboards 

  •  Understanding the key elements of effective visual dashboards
  • Selecting relevant metrics and data for display
  • Designing visually appealing and engaging dashboards
  • Practical exercise: Creating a sample team-focused visual dashboard

 Accessing and Interpreting Data for Improvement  

  • Techniques for data collection and analysis
  • Interpreting data to identify areas for improvement
  • Utilising data to prioritise improvement efforts
  • Case study: Analysing and interpreting data for improvement

Creating Clear Improvement/Action Plans 

  • Developing improvement goals and objectives
  • Incorporating evidence-based strategies into action plans
  • Identifying measurable outcomes and timelines

Sharing Good Practice for Focused Improvement Efforts

  • Importance of sharing success stories and lessons learned Strategies for effective communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Case studies: Showcasing examples of successful improvement initiatives

Strategies for Engaging and Motivating Teams

  •  Techniques for engaging teams in the self-assessment process. Motivational strategies to sustain improvement efforts
  • Group discussion: Sharing best practices for team engagement

 Q&A and Discussion

  •  Addressing participants’ questions and concerns
  •  Facilitated discussion on practical implementation challenges
  • Sharing additional tips and resources for successful self-assessment and quality improvement

Course Summary and Next Steps

  • Recap of key learnings and takeaways
  • Action planning for implementing course concepts in participants’ organisations Providing additional resources and references for further learning

Lecturer : Mr Sheraz Khan

Mr. Sheraz Khan MSc (Primary Health Care), PGDip MGP (Management for General Practice), ILM, ICM  | Chief Executive Officer | PCMS




This is a live webinar. Please email info@belmatt.co.uk to check next available dates.

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