Introduction to General Practice

Course Summary

This course is for qualified healthcare professionals  who are new to general practice. The Introduction to General Practice module comprises of a range of learning units to prepare you for general practice.

A programme of  blended learning has been designed for nurses and allied healthcare professionals new to general practice and includes live webinars and self directed learning that can be accessed as recorded presentations by experts in the field.

The course bundle includes 10 modules with learning units and encourages practice nurses to develop basic skills. It links to the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP, 2012) General Practice Nurse Competencies.

Course Aims

This course aims to equip you with the core knowledge and skills to work in general practice.

Course Objectives

Pre Requisites
  • Have a UK or overseas degree from a recognised institution or equivalent professional or other qualification.
  • Hold professional registration with the NMC, HCPC, GMC or Allied Health Professional Body or Council are encouraged to have an identified mentor in general practice to complete competencies.
  • Work-based learning is central to the course. This approach allows you to manage and actively shape your own learning in the workplace, with the support of nurse mentors and primary care workforce tutors.
  • Some of the learning units require completion of the pre -requisite ELFH modules to be completed before the live zoom session

Whats Included?

  1. There are 10 modules which include :
    • Learning Units
    • Handouts
    • Recorded presentations
    • MCQs
  2. Competency document
  3. Live Webinars
  4. Free place on chronic Disease Update
  5. 6-months access to complete the course.

Modules include:

Introduction to Practice Nursing

Learning Unit 1: Consultation Skills and Documentation. Interviewing and record-keeping

Learning Unit 2: Understanding QOF and how to complete templates

Learning Unit 3:SEPSIS and NEWS2

Lecturers: Jeshni Amblum Almer 

Ethical and Legal Issues

Learning Unit 1:  Consent, Capacity and Human Rights
Learning Unit 2: DNAR, Lasting power of attorney and living will
Learning Unit 3: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Jeshni Amblum-Almer, Course Director MA Health Law and Ethics

Chronic Diseases Management

Learning Unit1:  Cardiac Disease

 CVD templates and QOF in general practice

Learning Unit 2 : Introduction to Diabetes

1.     Diabetes for General Practice

2.     Diabetes and CVD. Foot checks and Eye screening

3.     Nutritional Advice and education. Overview of oral medication and insulin therapy.

Lecturer : Gill Dunn, Diabetes Specialist Nurse

Learning Unit 3 : COPD and Spirometry

1.     Introduction to COPD

2.      Overview of Spirometry

3.     HOOF and ordering oxygen in the community

Ioulia Mariaki, ARTP qualified respiratory specialist nurse and Emelia Kwakye -Sake

Learning Unit 4 : Introduction to Asthma

1.     Introduction to Asthma in general practice

2.     Integrating templates and QOF

3.     Inhaler Technique

Ameet Gordhan, Clinical Pharmacist, Special interest Respiratory

Immunisations – ZOOM Courses

***Please see guidelines and dates as these are live zoom sessions and require completion of ELFH modules before you attend course.

Learning Unit 1: Introduction to immunisations 22 November 2021

Learning Unit 2: Introduction to Childhood Immunisations 18 November 2021

Learning Unit 3: Travel Health Immunisations 25 November 2021

Lecturer: Kirsty Armstrong, Senior Lecturer in Primary Care

Women Health

Learning Unit1 : Contraception consultation: Pill checks, contraceptive injection, assist with coil insertion.

Learning Unit 2 :Overview of Gynae and Menopause

Learning Unit 3 : Cervical Smear Clinics and Recalls

Dr Hayley Jenkins GP and FSRSH Women’s Health

Burns and Bites

Learning Unit  1: Management of Burns

Learning Unit 2: Human and Animal Bites

Lecturer: Jeshni Amblum-Almer 

Wound Care and Dressings

Mental Health  in Adolescents and Young Children

Learning Unit 1: Mental Health disorders in children and adolescents

Learning Unit 2:  Management of mental health disorders in children and young people  

Lecturer: Dr Leah Brennan, Psychologist

Mental Health Disorders in Adults

Lecturer: Dr Balu Pitchiah, Consultant Psychiatrist and Aneela Tehseen, Clinical Pharmacist

Vulnerable Groups

Learning Unit 1: Safeguarding Children Level 3

Learning Unit 2: Safeguarding Adults Level 3

Kenny Gibson, Head of Safeguarding NHS England; 

Safeguarding Adults Level 3


You should be employed in a role that will support development of your clinical skills during the programme.

Work in a clinical environment such as general practice with a suitably qualified mentor to support achievement of competencies.

You need to identify your mentor before starting the source.

Introduction to General Practice

History Taking Multimedia Presentation
GDPR and Information Governance Multimedia Presentation
Infection Control Multimedia Presentation

Ethical and Legal

Consent and Mental Capacity: Jeshni Amblum-Almer Nurse Practitioner
DNAR and care Plans
Deprivation of Liberty
Duty of Care, Candour and Vicarious Liability

Introduction to Childhood Immunisations

Guide to Access Zoom Module 18th November

Foundation Travel Health

Guide to Access Zoom Module 25th November

Introduction To Diabetes

Introduction to General Practice: Gill Dunn, Diabetes Specialist Nurse Practitioner

Asthma in General Practice

Introduction to Asthma in General Practice Handouts

Cardiac Disease Monitoring

COPD and Spirometry

Contraception Consultations Dr Hayley Jenkins FSRSH GP

Contraception Consultation

Burns and Bites

Assessment of Burns
Management of Bites
This session explores the different types of animal bites and how to manage them in primary care.

Wound Care and Dressing

Overview of Wounds

Mental health Disorders in Children and Young People : Dr Lauren Brennan Child Psychologistgist

Mental Health Disorders in Children and Adolescents
Managing Children and Adolescents with Mental Health Disorders

Safeguarding Children Level 3

Mental Health Disorders in Adults

Overview of Mental Health Disorders : Dr Balu Pitchiah Consultant Psychiatrist
Depression and Anxiety : Aneela Tehseen, Clinical Pharmacist

Safeguarding Adults Level 3

Sepsis and NEWS2

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Handouts Managing Type 2 Diabetes in General Practice
Multimedia presentation Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease Handouts
Cardiovascular Disease Multimedia Presentation

Introduction to COPD and Spirometry

Gold slides
COPD Multimedia presentation 1
COPD Multimedia presentation 2
COPD Multimedia presentation 3
Spirometry Handout
Spirometry workbook
COPD Exacerbations Multimedia presentation
COPD Exacerbations handouts

Management of Burns and Bites

Burns Multimedia Presentation Part 3
Burns Multimedia Presentation Part 2
Burns Multimedia Presentation Part 1
Rabies Multimedia Presentation
Bites Multimedia Presentation Part 2
Bites Multimedia Presentation Part 1
Minor Injuries – Management of Bites


Chaperoning Slides
Chaperoning Quiz
Chaperoning Booklet
This course is in 2 semesters.Semester A starts 1 October 2021 and Semester B starts 1 April 2022.Each semester is 6 months.
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