Management of Burns and Bites

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Course Summary

This course is suitable for healthcare professionals and healthcare staff working in general practice, the community and primary care settings. It provides the current guidelines on wound care management.

Who Should Attend

Practice nurses, HCA, paramedics, pharmacists, PA and community practitioners

Pre Requisite

It is recommended you have a knowledge of skin anatomy and current antimicrobial guidelines for prescribing in skin conditions.


This session aims to develop your knowledge of skin anatomy, understand wound classifications and different type of wound dressings.

Learning Outcomes

This course will provide you with the skills to :

  • Utilise evidence-based practice and clinical judgement in managing wounds in primary care. 
  • Understand skin anatomy and function in order to manage wounds of varying aetiologies.
  • Understand the different types of wounds and how to classify them.
  • Develop knowledge of different types of wound dressings and consider cost effective use and local wound care policy.
  • Recognise signs of infection and wound deterioration.
  • Consider resources and services available for individuals with wounds of varying aetiologies and recognise when to refer or treat with antimicrobials.
  • Use an evidence based approach in assessment and management of wounds to provide person/client centered care.

Session Type: Online Module

This is a self directed course that can be accessed at anytime during your 3month login.

Whats included: 

  • 3 CPD Hours
  • Course Booklet with current NICE guidelines
  • Audio presentations
  • MCQ


Burns Multimedia Presentation Part 3
Burns Multimedia Presentation Part 2
Burns Multimedia Presentation Part 1
Burns Handout

Bites and Rabies

Rabies Multimedia Presentation
Bites Multimedia Presentation Part 2
Bites Multimedia Presentation Part 1
Minor Injuries – Management of Bites

Multiple Choice Questions

Burns and Bites Quiz
7 questions

Feedback Form Burns and Bites

Feedback Form Burns and Bites
You will access to the e-learning content on booking the course.Please complete the survey and mark as complete in order to get a certificate.
Management of Burns and Bites
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