Minor Illness Update 24 August 2021

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CPD Hours : 4

Session Type: Live zoom webinar

Date: 24 August 2021

Time : 09h00 – 13h00

This course is for independent non medical prescribers and  clinicians working in advanced roles seeing and treating adults with minor ailments in primary care.

Who should attend

  • General Practitioners
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Independent prescribers
  • Allied health professionals
  • Pharmacists
  • Paramedics
  • Overseas doctors
  • Physician Assistants
Session Aims
This session aims to explore the latest guidance on managing common minor illnesses in general practice, the community, walk in centre’s and urgent care.

Session Objective

Update knowledge of changes in practice and current guidelines in managing common minor ailments.

Develop a systematic approach during clinical decision making.

Improve skills in identifying red flags.


10h00 Differentials in Headaches and Back Pain, Dr Parmy Deol, A&E Consultant

11h00 ENT Disorders: Dr Rakesh Chopra, General Practitioner

12h00  Managing Mental Health conditions in adolescents, Dr Lead Brennan, Psychologist

13h00: Mental Health disorders in General Practice, Dr Balu Pitchiah, Psychiatrist

Close and Evaluations

                                                      SPEAKER PROFILES                                                      


Dr Parmy Deol

Dr Parmy Deol, A&E consultant at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and dual trained GP. Dr Deol leads the urgent care centre at Chelsea and teaches extensively on innovative methods of practice. Dr Deol provides training on blood results interpretation and teaches on the minor illness modules. His othe teachings include training on point of care ultrasound to support diagnosis in primary care.


Dr Hayley Jenkins

Dr Hayley Jenkins FSRH has an extensive history in Family planning and women’s health. She spent her GP reg year was with a

doctor who specialised in family planning ( FP) and women’s

health too. During that time, she achieved her DFSRH and LOC for coils and implants and has since become a FP trainer. As a partner in a larger t raining practice, she developed a weekly FP

clinic and t rained other doctors. Dr Jenkins worked with the local sexual health clinic in addition to her GP role and has since hadroles as a lecturer in family planning, sexual health and contraception.


Antimicrobial Guidelines

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Minor Illness Update 5 November Recording

Minor lllness Update 5 May 10:00 Headache and Backpain RECORDED
Minor lllness Update 5 May 11:00 Abdominal Pain RECORDED
Minor lllness Update 5 May 12:00 ENT RECORDED
Minor lllness Update 5 May 13:20 Mental Illness RECORDED
Minor lllness Update 5 May 14:00 Gynae and Menopause RECORDED
Minor lllness Update 5 May 15:20 Contraception RECORDED
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