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Phlebotomy and Injection Technique Sutton

 Time: 09h30 -12h30 or 13h30 – 16h30  CPD Hours: 3

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Course Summary

Phlebotomy or venepuncture is one of the most commonly performed invasive procedures in hospitals and primary care. This comprehensive workshop includes theory and practical demonstration and training on taking bloods and administration of injections.

Who Should Attend?

Nurses, Midwives, Health visitors, healthcare assistants, doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists and clinicians wanting to improve their skills.

Session Aims

This session aims to equip you with the underlining theory and practical skills to gain competence ( with supervision)  in drawing up bloods for laboratory investigation, and administering injections such as Vitamin B12 and other intramuscular injections.

Course Objectives

By the end of this session you will develop an understanding in:

  • The legal implications of invasive procedures and practitioner requirements.
  • Strategies for clinical competence and importance of supervision.
  • Environmental and patient factors that affect the procedure
  • Consent and documentation
  • How to prevent and manage infection and use of the non touch technique
  • Correct documentation and use of specimen bottles.
  • The circulatory system and how to identify veins for phlebotomy.
  • Preparing the patient or service user for the procedure.
  • Preparing equipment and use of correct equipment and safe technique.
  • Use of needle guage systems and management of sharps.
  • Common complications and adverse effects from injections.
  • Recognising and preventing skin trauma or infection.
  • How to perform procedure safely
  • Documentation and record keeping.

Course Outline

  • Review anatomy and physiology of hand veins and injection sites on the body.
  • Legal and professional issues in performing invasive procedures
  • Infection control related to giving an injection and in taking bloods.
  • Understand the different techniques and equipment available for preparing and performing invasive procedures
  • Discuss indications, contra-indications, and possible complications
  • Documentation of the procedure and monitoring of the site
  • Hands on practical sessions for venepuncture and injection technique on life-sized mannequins. Includes IV Cannulation
  • Develop skills in administering an injection.
  • Overview of anaphylaxis

** Limited seats available. **

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This is a practical classroom workshop. Venue - Sutton civic offices G2.

This is an in-house course.

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Enrolled: 52 students
Duration: 3 Hours
Lectures: 9
Level: Beginner