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Plastering and Suturing 15 March 2024

CPD Hours : 6  Time: 10:00-16:00.

Session Type: Classroom – Chatfield Medical Centre, Battersea

Who Should Attend

Healthcare professionals who wish to develop practical skills in application of Plaster of Paris.

Pre Requisites

Knowledge of anatomy of the upper and lower limb and common injuries.

***This is a practical workshop with opportunity to practice on peers.


  • Overview of shoulder dislocations and how to reduce displaced colles fracture.
  • Haematoma blocks
  • Application of upper and lower limb POP
  • Techniques in POP application
  • Plaster care
  • Use of crutches
  • Discharge advice
  • Application of slings and splints
  • Includes U slab, ulna splint, volar slab and back slabs
  • Lower limb plasters and splints.
  • Suturing techniques and practice section on suture pads
  • Different types of sutures

Lecturer: Sara Salmon


Completion of the following courses prior to attending this session

  1. Triaging musculoskeletal injuries for x-rays
  2. Minor Injuries
  3. “Red Dot” x-ray interpretation
  4. Working in a clinical environment such as urgent care or A&E
  5. You have a mentor to sign off competencies if required. This is not a course requirement.

This is a face to face session with limited numbers Venue: Battersea, London

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Enrolled: 3 students
Lectures: 6
Level: Beginner