Prescribing Update 14 June 2022 PU0622

Course Summary

This session will explore safe prescribing in general practice, improving concordance, improving patient safety and uses a case study discussion around prescribing errors auditing of medication reviews.

Who should attend

Nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, non medical prescribers, paramedics, physician associates and practice nurses and GP’s.

Session Aims

This session provides an update of current prescribing guidelines for safe prescribing in general practice.


  1. Explore current guidelines for prescribing in primary care.
  2. Develop skills in carrying out an effective medication review.
  3. Polypharmacy and how to prevent prescribing errors.
  4. .Managing non adherence and developing concordance.
  5. Recognise importance of auditing and reviewing prescribing practices in general practice.


13h00  Overview of recent change in legislature and safety warnings on commonly used medication in general practice and primary care settings.

13h30 Time management during medication reviews and strategies to manage poor treatment compliance.

13:50 – 14:00  “Virtual Promotional Presentation by Farah Saleem, Discovery Pharma a division of Chiesi Limited have sponsored the costs associated with this meeting.”

14h00 Patient safety and polypharmacy. How to avoid prescribing errors. Interactive session with use of real life case studies to discuss clinical incidents.

14:50 – 15:00  “Virtual Promotional Presentation by Jack Burgess, Discovery Pharma a division of Chiesi Limited have sponsored some of the costs associated with this meeting.”

15h00 Improving QOF and auditing prescribing practices in general practice.

16h00 Session close and evaluations.


There will be a short presentation by Chiesi Ltd .They have no influence over the contents of this talk or the lecturers, who are in no way affiliated with them. The use of sponsors is only to allow that the costs are lower making this session more available. If you do not wish to listen to the Pharma talks, you are encouraged to take a short break away from the computer or mute presentation.

Please note there are no recordings or handouts for this session.

CPD Hours: 3.

Session Type: Live webinar ZOOM

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Aneela Tehseen, Clinical Pharmacist

Aneela Tehseen, Clinical Pharmacist

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This is a live zoom session. You will be sent the link the day before the course.

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