“Red Dot” Upper and Lower Limb X-Ray Interpretation 12 November 2021

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Course Summary

This workshop taught by an orthopaedic surgeon will help you develop a structured approach to reading an upper and lower limb x-ray report.


This workshop aims to develop your skills in interpreting upper and lower limb x-ray’s in adults.


Develop skills by using a structured approach when reviewing an x-ray of an upper or lower limb.

Consider history, examination and mechanism of injury when interpreting an x-ray.

Request x-rays appropriately and consider radiology guidelines.

Recognise when to refer.

Who Should Attend

Nurse practitioners, Medical students, physiotherapists, Physician Associates, ENP, AHP


Work in an environment where x-ray interpretation is part of your role such as minor injury units, A&E, out of hours and urgent care centres.

Know your upper and lower limb anatomy

Completed training in examination of the upper and lower lim

Course Content

  • Ethical and Legal considerations when requesting an x-ray
  • History taking and assessment
  • Principles of normal and abnormal appearances of bone, soft tissues and joints on X-rays
  • ABCDE  and Red Dot principles in x-ray interpretation
  • When to refer.
  • Upper limb X-ray interpretation
  • Lower limb X-ray interpretation

Session Type: Classroom

Lecturer: Dr Asad Khan Orthopaedic and Trauma

Hours: 6

Minor Injuries – X Ray Interpretation Booklet
Xray-Interpretation Booklet
“Red Dot” Upper and Lower Limb X-Ray Interpretation 12 November 2021
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