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Sepsis in General Practice

CPD Hours : 1 Session Type: E-Learning

Course Summary

Sepsis is the clinical manifestation of infections acquired in the community setting or in a healthcare facility and is one of the most frequent type of adverse event that can occur during care delivery. Early identification of symptoms of sepsis or prevention will therefore, significantly improve outcomes.

Who Should Attend

This course is for all healthcare professionals working in clinical settings and seeing and treating patients.


To improve understanding of sepsis and NEWS2 scoring and recognise early interventions or preventative strategies to reduce the incidence of sepsis. 


  • Increase awareness of mortality associated with sepsis.
  • Define and differentiate between SIRs, sepsis and severe shock
  • Recognise the causes of sepsis
  • Review pathophysiology of sepsis.
  • Increased awareness of at risks groups such as post op/procedure, children, immunosuppressed and the elderly.
  • Recognise the complications associated with sepsis
  • Remote consultations and early recognition of sepsis
  • Increased awareness of NEWS Scoring.
  • Understanding steps that clinicians can take to reduce sepsis.
  • Using risk stratification tools
  • Education of patients (and carers) at risk and safety netting?


Jeshni Amblum – Almer

Aneela Tehseen

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Enrolled: 10 students
Duration: 30min
Lectures: 1
Level: Beginner