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Streaming and Triaging Online Course


This course is for clinicians working in triage as streamers in an urgent or primary care settings. The session focusses on identification of the sick or deteriorating patient and correct streaming.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at registered nurses and allied healthcare professionals working in urgent care and primary care settings.

Aims This session is  explores consultation skills and clinical decision making.


  • Use a structured approach in Streaming/ Triage process
  • Develop skills in clinical decision-making
  • Recognise potential red flags and safety netting and when or who to refer to.


  • Overview of Manchester Triage
  • Emergency care data sets
  • Consultation skills during triage and streaming
  • Streaming protocols including streaming chest pain and DVTs Sepsis screening
  • Using PGDs in triage X-Ray Requesting
  • Special consideration for ‘Silver Trauma’ patients
  • Analgesia , ani-pyretic & other medication (eg anti histamines) using PGDs
  • X-ray requestingUrine sample • ECG
  • Referring /redirecting to ED/UCC/GP or other

Lecturer: Dr Shemin Vyas Urgent Care Registrar

Triaging and streaming in Primary and Urgent care Handouts

Triaging and streaming in Primary and Urgent care MultiMedia Recording

E-learning course