Telephone Triage 5 November 2021

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has put a considerable strain on healthcare delivery. Telephone triage can be challenging even for experienced nurses, doctors, pharmacists and clinicians undertaking telephone triage.

Who should attend?
All clinical staff involved in telephone triage

This session is  explores consultation skills and clinical decision making during telephone triage.

Use a structured approach in telephone consultation skills

Develop skills in clinical decision-making during telephone triage

Recognise potential red flags and safety netting and when or who to refer to.

Session Content

  • Telephone Triage  consultation skills – using a systematic approach.
  • Overview of COVID-19 and triage challenges
  • Clinical decision-making and telephone triage
  • Triaging the worried welll.
  • Managing prescriptions requests
  • Recognising safeguarding cases that may arise and how to refer.
  • Triaging mental health patient


    Dr Sanjeev Kalia, General Practitioner
    Samantha Thompso
    n: Forensic Paramedic and Senior Lecturer
    Aneela Tehseen: Clinical Prescribing pharmacist
    Jeshni Amblum-Almér : Nurse Practitioner and Course Director in Advanced Practice


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Telephone Triage and Consultation Skills
Telephone Triage 5 November 2021
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