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Telephone Triage and Consultation Skills for Urgent Response Teams

Course Overview

This Telephone Triage and Consultation Skills Webinar for Nurses in Community Urgent Response Teams is designed to enhance the skills of nurses working in urgent care settings. The webinar will focus on effective telephone triage and consultation techniques, enabling participants to provide high-quality care remotely.

Session Aims

The aim of the Telephone Triage and Consultation Skills Webinar for Nurses in Community Urgent Response Teams is to enhance participants’ skills in effectively assessing, managing, and communicating with patients over the phone in urgent care settings.

Session Objectives

By the end of the webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of telephone triage and consultation skills in providing high-quality care in community urgent response settings.
  • Develop effective communication techniques for telephonic interactions, ensuring clarity and understanding.
  • Conduct comprehensive patient assessments remotely, identifying urgent symptoms and red flags.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to make informed decisions and ensure patient safety during telephonic consultations.
  • Utilise active listening, empathy, and rapport-building techniques to establish trust and understanding with patients.
  • Manage difficult situations and challenging patients during telephonic consultations.
  • Enhance documentation and record-keeping practices for telephone triage and consultation encounters.
  • Identify resources and further learning opportunities to continue professional development in telephone triage and consultation skills.

Course Duration: 6 hours

Who should attend?

Nurses working in community urgent response teams. Healthcare professionals involved in telephone triage and consultation in urgent care settings.


  1. Basic knowledge of healthcare terminology and primary care practices.
  2. Familiarity with telephone communication and customer service skills.
  3. Understanding of the role and responsibilities within a community urgent response team.
  4. Access to a phone or computer with an internet connection to participate in the webinar.

Course Outline


  • Importance of telephone triage and consultation skills in community urgent response settings
  • Overview of the webinar objectives and structure

Fundamentals of Telephone Triage

  • Role and responsibilities of nurses in telephone triage
  • Effective communication strategies for telephonic interactions
  • Challenges and potential pitfalls of telephone triage in urgent care settings
  • Ensuring patient safety and conducting risk assessments remotely

Assessment and Decision-Making in Telephone Triage

  • Conducting comprehensive patient assessments over the phone in urgent care scenarios
  • Recognizing urgent symptoms and red flags
  • Critical thinking skills for informed decision-making remotely
  • Documentation and record-keeping in telephone triage

Communication Techniques for Effective Consultations

  • Active listening skills for telephonic consultations
  • Empathy and rapport-building strategies remotely
  • Clear and concise communication techniques in urgent care settings
  • Providing information and education effectively over the phone

Managing Difficult Situations and Challenging Patients

  • Handling angry or upset patients during telephonic consultations
  • De-escalation techniques for challenging situations
  • Addressing communication barriers and misunderstandings
  • Self-care strategies for nurses during challenging phone calls in urgent care settings

Case Studies and Role-Play

  • Interactive case studies to apply knowledge and skills learned
  • Role-playing exercises to practice telephone triage and consultation techniques
  • Group discussions and debriefing on case scenarios

Q&A and Closing Remarks

  • Addressing participant questions and concerns
  • Summary of key takeaways from the webinar

Webinar Format

The webinar will be conducted live through a virtual meeting platform. A slide presentation will be used to deliver content, with interactive elements. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, ask questions, and participate in interactive activities. Case studies and role-play exercises will be conducted in breakout rooms, allowing participants to practice skills in small groups. Handouts and resources will be provided for further learning and reference.

Webinar Materials

  • Slide presentation with key points and visuals
  • Case studies and role-play scenarios
  • Resource handouts and reference materials
  • Evaluation forms for participants to provide feedback

Webinar Facilitator

The webinar will be facilitated by an experienced healthcare professional with expertise in telephone triage, consultation skills, and urgent care practice.

Lecturer: Samantha Thompson

This is a live webinar delivered using zoom

Email: [email protected] for further information and course dates.

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