Telephone Triage: Covid 19

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has put a considerable strain on healthcare delivery. Telephone triage can be challenging even for experienced nurses, doctors, pharmacists and clinicians undertaking telephone triage.

This session is delivered as 2 audio and 2 presentations exploring different aspect of telephone triage to develop your skills in managing telephone consultations effectively.

Use a structured approach in telephone consultation skills
Develop skills in clinical decision-making during telephone triage
Recognise potential red flags in children

Telephone Triage and consultation skills
Overview of COVID-19 and triage challenges
Clinical decision-making and telephone triage
Triaging the worried well
Triaging respiratory conditions during the pandemic
COVID19 and children

Who should attend
All clinical staff involved in telephone triage

Samantha Thompso
n: Forensic Paramedic and Senior Lecturer
Aneela Tehseen: Clinical Prescribing pharmacist
Jeshni Amblum-Almér : Nurse Practitioner and Course Director in Advanced Practice

CPD Hours: 4

Introduction to COVID 19 (Presentation)
Assessment and telephone triage (presentation)
Assessing Children for Covid 19
Telephone Triage: Covid 19 – Quiz
15 questions
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