Using EMIS in General Practice 12 February 2022

Time: 10h00 – 13h00  Session Type: ZOOM


This session aims to guide you though how to use EMIS 


  • Provide a step by step guide on how to use EMIS, entering data and adding information
  • Recognise how to open documents and add information.
  • Develop an understanding of how to set up medication reviews.

Lecture Type: (virtual classroom session using ZOOM.  Live interaction with lecturer.)

Pre Requisites: Work in a clinical setting that uses EMIS and be logged on during the session, so that the lecturer can guide you through how to use the system.  No previous understanding of EMIS is needed for this course.

It is recommended you are using EMIS during the session so that you can practice developing the templates.


• Introduction to components to consultation documentation and tips on saving time whilst documenting.
• Navigation through investigation system. Tips and hints on quick search of relevant info
• Medication screen. Current vs past , Acute vs repeat , Problem orientated views , medication history , allergy status, adding / removing / restarting medication from past.
• Care history, coding , filtering
• An introduction to QOF indicators and definitions of QOF
• Population reporting , auditing , preparing purpose built audits , high risk drug audits
• Dedicated session on effective Medication reviews ( using medical notes ) this is very useful when reviewing in absence of patient.
• Introduction to post hospital discharge medication reconciliation


  • Saves time by understanding how system works,
  • Makes auditing easier.
  • Equips you with the skill to prepare templates and protocols and refine existing templates.
  • Safer prescribing 

CPD Hours: 3hrs

Lecturer: This session is taught by a pharmacist who works in general practice. Aneela Tehseen‘s templates have been accepted by NICE.

Introduction to EMIS

Introduction to QOF

Consultations and Medication Recording

This session uses confidential information and can therefore not be recorded or photographed.
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