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This course is a collation of research and treatment options as of 8 April 2020. It includes 2 audio presentations by Samantha Thompson who is a senior lecturer/paramedic

Aneela Tehseen Clinical Pharmacist who compiled the respiratory treatment options and 

Jeshni Amblum-Almer Lecturer/Practitioner who will constantly update modules with recent research and studies.

***This course does not replace the Telephone Triage for General Practice course.

Consists of 3 e--learning modules

Module 1 - Audio powerpoint presentation: Introduction to COVID-19

Module 2 - Audio presentation on assessment and telephone triage

Module 3 - Treatment in Respiratory conditions


Module 4 - Assessment of Children and Young People

MCQ must be passed to obtain a certificate

Added resources include recent research on treatment options being trialled.

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CPD Hours: 3

COST : £50.00 plus vat