Date: 3 June 2020

Time: 13h00 - 17h00

*** virtual classroom session. using ZOOM.  Live interaction with lecturer.

It is recommended you are using EMIS during the session so that you can practice developing the templates.

*note a basic understanding of EMIS is needed for this course

Price: £75.00 excluding VAT

This session is taught by a pharmacist who works in general practice.

Aneela Tehseen's templates have been accepted by NICE.


Template design to suit individual scenarios

Editting existing templates

Preparing individualised concepts and protocols

Set up alerts.




  • Saves time

  • Makes auditing easier

  • Equips you with the skill to prepare templates and protocols and refine existing templates.

  • Safer prescribing of high risk drugs such as controlled drugs, sedatives, NSAIDs and DMARD's, lithium and anticoagulants

  • Develop a proactive approach in handling prescribing of high risk drugs