Date: 6 June 2020

Time: 10h00 - 16h00

Cost: £995.00 plus vat

Course Fee

This includes:

  • 300 Page Manual

  • Drip Protocols

  • 125 Power Point Slides

  • 3 hours + Lecture videos

  • Drip of choice to experience on the day

  • After Care Service

  • Clinic displayed on Clinic Finder

  • Membership to AIMS

The course fee must be paid in advance in order to secure place

Global Malnutrition in underdeveloped countries Clinical micronutrient deficiencies in developed countries Micronutrient deficiencies associated with degenerative disease 

  • DNA damage, mitochondrial decay and certain cancers 

  • World Health Organization (WHO) – carcinogenic and other hazards In food

  • Intravenous Micronutrient Supplementation 

  • Chapter 3: Essential Micronutrients -Chapter 4: Glutathione the 'Master' Antioxidant

  • Chapter 5: Essential Micronutrients - Minerals

  • Chapter 6: Essential MicronutrientsAmino Acids

  • Chapter 7: Safety and Efficacy of IVS

  • Chapter 8: Medical History and Consent

  • Chapter 9: Practical Fundamentals​

  • IntraVita IMS Protocols: IV Infusion Frequencies + IM Shot Frequencies + IV/IM Combination Treatments

  • Marketing: Marketing IV infusions to clients, suggested retail recommended prices, suggested packages and IV + IM shot add on packages.

  • Checklist & Adverse Reaction Reporting



Session taught by Dr Otto

All products supplied by Intravita

Important Information

In order to get the best value out of this training session and not get left behind, we strongly recommend all attendees spend time reviewing the pre-course material before they arrive on the day. This pre-course material is there to equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to understand aspects of the training course.

  • Maximum class size: 9

  • Practitioners that are registered with the GMC,GDC (Dentists),NMC (Nurses), GPhC (Pharmacists) and HCPC registered Paramedics can attend the course

  • Previous experience in Phlebotomy or Venepuncture is necessary prior to attending the course

  • Practitioners must have completed an anaphylaxis course prior to attending the course

  • The products used for the course are insured by the Newline Group in the UK

  • ‍No model is required

  • ‍The course is certified for 7 hours CPD Points

  • Non - Prescribers can attend the course. However, NON POM products range is limited. ( Please contact us for Clarification).

  • Please note we do not train non medics

Our comprehensive intravenous training course has been designed by Dr Jacques Otto for medical practitioners only.

Who can attend

Practitioners registered with the GMC, GDC, NMC,GPhC and HCPC Registered Paramedics can attend our course.


Course Aims

This course will develop your understanding of IV Nutrition Therapy and provide guidance on implementing IVNT protocols

Whats includes

Morning seminar session with lectures and discussion of the manual.

A 300 page manual will be provided containing medical history forms, protocol sheets, an over 300 references and articles relating to IVNT. The course fee will include Dr Jacques Otto's 300 page Manual, IVNT Drip Protocols, 125 Powerpoint slides, 3 hours worth of Lecture Videos, a drip of choice to experience on the day, your clinic displayed on the Clinic Finder free for 3 months, membership to AIMS and access to our Aftercare service.

Product Information

The products we use are synthetically or bio-technologically produced, they are all GMO, GLUTEN, HEXANE and SUGAR FREE. Our products are VEGAN friendly and contain NO TRACES OF ANIMAL. They are classified by the MHRA as Borderline Medicines and are used for supplementation purposes only and not to treat any medical conditions. No medical claims are made to the uses of our products.

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