This online module includes a range of talks by our expert lecturers. The course consists of a series of learning units covering specific minor illnesses that present in primary care and and general practice.

CPD Hours : 30

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Minor Illness On-Line


Course Aims


This course is for independent non medical prescribers, nurses, pharmacists and paramedics 


Learning Unit 1

History Taking, documentation and consultation skills.​ 

Learning Unit 2 : Respiratory

Bacterial and Viral Infections

Learning Unit 3 ENT

Learning Unit 4: Eyes

Learning Unit 5 Headaches


Learning Unit 6. Back pain

Learning Unit 7: Dermatology

Learning Unit 8: Gynae & Menopause

Learning Unit 9: Antimicrobial prescribing in primary care

Learning Unit 10: Mental Health

Learning Unit 11: Abdominal

Who should attend

Nurse Practitioners

Independent prescribers

Allied health professionals



Overseas  doctors

Physician Assistants


This course focusses on minor illness presentations in general practice, primary care and community settings.

Completion of this course does not guarantee competency. It is recommended you complete the skills portfolio in clinical practice with the guidance of a suitable mentor.

Whats included

  • Skills portfolio

  • Pre-course workbook must be completed before accessing each learning unit.

  • Youare encouraged to watch the video links 

  • Access to the learning portal for 4 weeks which includes videos,  clinical guidelines and learning resources that are constantly updated.

  • Includes access to our WhatsApp educational support group.


If you require mentorship, please email

our course director jeshni@belmatt.co.uk 

Other courses

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This course will  develop your skills in  assessment of the abdomen, ENT, neurological and cardio-respiratory systems. Practical workshop with lots of opportunity to practice.


Suitable for healthcare professionals working in general practice. Taught by a GP or an A&E consultant and uses case studies to discuss blood test done in general practice.


This course will develop your skills in taking a structured history, clinical decision-making and use of clinical reasoning during telephone triage. Covers a range fo topics relevant to telephone triage in general practice.


This course covers templates, how to use EMIS, performing audits and use of search engines.

Suitable for those who are enw to using EMIS in general practice.


Taught by a Paeds consultant and covers common  conditions seen in general practice.

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