Time to stop and stare

'It is not enough to be busy...The question is what are we busy about" Henry Thoreau

Recent events especially the lockdown has meant that time has taken on a new meaning. I always had something to do, somewhere to be, trying to beat traffic, crowds...

The recent guidance on travel, isolation and working from home has meant that suddenly time took on a new meaning. There was time to tidy up my closet and discover I had more shoes than I needed, read books that have been left unfinished for years. Time to stop and stare.

Einstein once said that if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal and not to people or objects.

So, this unfortunate enforced time of isolation has given us time to reflect on what are our goals and what are we doing to achieve it. The distractions of daily life can easily get you side tracked.How easily life passes us by but, having to stay home has meant that there is now time to take stock of whats important, and what really isn't. Why am I writing a blog at 03h30 in the morning? Because, firstly, I don't have a watch as I hate the sound of ticking clocks but mainly because my day and night is dictated not by prescribed times to eat, sleep and work. Instead I have decided to rewrite my own destiny programmed by my own clock that focusses on my own personal goals.

3 years ago I left my academic post at the university to start my PhD. Somehow along the way, other priorities arose until a few days ago my husband encouraged me to sit down and start my application. He was rather bossy about it as I tried to make excuses that I had lots of other things to do. But, my realisation that I had no excuse as time was actually on my side meant I had to make a start.

Bill Waterson stated 'There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to". An interesting quote which makes you stop and think. Are you spending your time on a 'nothing' instead of your goals?


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