Telephone Triage and Safeguarding Children

Online course

Venue: London

Date: 9 November 2020

Time: 09h00 -15h00

Cost:£100.00 plus vat

This 1 day course covers the fundamentals of telephone triage.

Use of real life scenarios

Developing your clinical decision-making skills

Recognising possible safeguarding issues

History taking and consultation technique

Safeguarding policies and champions

 Awareness of red flags and using clinical decision-making tools

Review of the 2018 NHS documentation

Understanding NHS Pathways and 111 services

Resources available, how,when and who to refer

Auditing quality of triage and review of impact on practice

Includes pre-course learning and e-learning to be completed before the course starts.

Includes a workbook.

Delivered by a GP.  Dr Sanjeev Kalia ​

You will need to submit your completed MCQ before attending this course.

0207 692 8709

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