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Mental Health Awareness Training for Healthcare Professionals MT0622SS

Welcome to the Mental Health Training Bundle. This course includes a series of modules covering mental health conditions. 


This mandatory training for health and social care course aims to enable healthcare professionals and staff working with patients who have a mental health disorder, meet their mandatory training requirements. These modules aim to discuss common mental illness presentations in primary care.


  • Develop an understanding of common mental health problems that present in primary care.
  • Identify treatment strategies suitable for individual patients
  • Explore current evidence and treatment
  • Understand the importance of using varying strategies according to care plan agreed for patients/clients to improve

What’s Included:

  •  Presentations
  • MCQs.
  • Opportunity to access as a bundle or as individual sessions.

Who Can Attend?

This training package can be accessed by all healthcare workers working with patients who have a mental health disorder

***This course includes the following modules:


These are audio recorded presentations by lecturers with expert knowledge in the field. Please ensure you click COMPLETE after each section before proceeding to the next module.

Module 1                 Mental Health Awareness – Dr Balu Pitchiah, consultant psychiatrist

Module 2                 Mental Health conditions in Children and Adolescents –Dr Leah Brennan, Psychologist

 Module 3                Mental Capacity Act –Jeshni Amblum-Almer , ANP Lecturer


These are PowerPoint presentations that you read through then complete the MCQ at the end of each presentation before proceeding to the next section.

Module 4               Impact of trauma and adversity on development

Module 5               Understanding the Teenage Brain   

Module 6                Maintaining Health Boundaries

Module 7           Understanding Eating Disorders

Module 8                 Working with those who self-harm

Module 9              Observations in Mental Health

Once you have completed all sections, please click the green COMPLETE button and ensure you have ticked all sections.


Each section has 3 multichoice questions to be completed before proceeding to the next module. You can have numerous attempts to complete the MCQ.


You will receive a certificate on completion of all the modules. This can be downloaded. If you have any problems downloading the certificate, please email [email protected]

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Enrolled: 565 students
Duration: 10hrs
Lectures: 11
Video: 9
Level: Intermediate