Dr Rakesh Chopra

Dr Rakesh Chopra MS DNB FRCS MRCGP. Is a nationally recognised teacher of ENT in Primary Care. He is an ENT GPSI for the Bridgewater trust; He works in Cheshire and Merseyside. His ENT GPSI service is now in its 14th year.  He had nearly 14 years’ experience in hospital based ENT prior to that. He has been extensively involved in the development and teaching of ENT in General Practice. His models and published pathways in ENT have gained wide appeal and are now used all over the country. He has conducted the annual ‘ENT in Primary Care’ course for the Mersey chapter of the RCGP for the last 10 years.  He is also the ENT tutor for Mediconf and Pulse Live. He has also been an ENT tutor for NB Medical ‘Hot topics’ group course. I was recently invited to teach at the GP retraining programme in West of Scotland.

He has multiple international publications in ENT. He has been the referee for the ENT section of the Journal of the Royal Society for Promotion of Health. He also has a degree module in Allergy from the National Respiratory Training Centre. He has contributed articles for the Pulse and GP magazine and the BIDA journal.

He has been invited to be the Chairperson for the RCGP, London, ENT ODE conference, this year for the third year running.

*** Dr Chopra will be delivering a series of webinars on ENT conditions in primary care.

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